Volunteer Opportunities

The Stoic Fellowship consists of a 100% volunteer-driven team that holds strong to our mission of building the foundation for a modern Stoa. We aim to promote a world where one day all people, regardless of location, identity, or financial means, will have access to a living and vibrant Stoic community that contributes positively to a peaceful, healthy and sustainable world.

Digital Team Member

The Stoic Fellowship is seeking a volunteer to join our Digital team as we look to improve our website, build workflow automation, and create new ways of engaging our member groups online. You'll join our organization on the ground floor and play an instrumental role in shaping how we build Stoic community online. Only have a few hours to spare? That's okay! We're all volunteers who give whatever we can to help usher in the Stoic Renaissance.

Recommended Skills:

  • Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of or interest to learn API integrations
  • Familiarity with GitHub, Mailchimp, and automation tools like Zapier

Social Media Manager

The Stoic Fellowship aims to use social media to increase our visibility and promote the Stoas in our network. We currently participate on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and are looking for someone who would enjoy posting new content, responding to messages, and engaging our community.

General Contributor

Are you interested in helping The Stoic Fellowship achieve its mission to build, connect, and foster Stoic communities around the world? Reach out, and we'll find a way to put your skills and efforts to good use.

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