The Stoic Fellowship

Globally Connected • Locally Engaged

“Firstly, avoid all actions that are haphazard or purposeless;
and secondly, let every action aim solely at the common good.”
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 12:20

Our Mission: Helping to build, foster, and connect communities of Stoics around the world

Vision: We fulfill our mission by welcoming all aspiring and dedicated Stoics, providing tools and resources for local group development, maintenance, and growth, supporting participation, coordination, and collaboration among the member Stoas, and promoting the collective work of The Fellowship in collaboration with related individuals, groups, and organizations.

Values: Living ethics form an integral part of our philosophy. Below are the group’s primary principles and values, as we seek to embody the lessons of Stoicism in all our activities.

Socratic Foundation

"I only know one thing, and that is that I know nothing."

The Stoic Fellowship relies on reason, scholarship, and the examples of our forebearers for guidance. We make no claims that Stoicism is useful or appropriate for everyone and we recognize that happiness is a personal journey that must be taken up by the individual.

The Foundation of Philosophy

The Promise of Philosophy is one of belonging

The Stoic Fellowship, to quote Seneca, "measure[s] the boundaries of our citizenship by the sun" and not "by accident of birth". As such, all aspiring Stoics are welcome as we seek to strengthen our natural bonds of fellowship.

The Purpose of our Philosophy is well-being through understanding and virtue

Through mutual support for individual and group progress towards eudaimonia, we openly provide resources and tools that have proven helpful in the lives of other Stoics.

The Foundation of Discipline and Virtue

The Stoic Fellowship approaches its goals minding the three Stoic Disciplines and the Four Cardinal Virtues:

Discipline of Reason – Corresponding to the Virtue of Wisdom: objective thinking and seeking of knowledge
Discipline of Desire – Corresponding to the Virtues of Temperance and Courage: poised and self-disciplined
Discipline of Action – Corresponding to the Virtue of Justice: fair and beneficent

The Grand Aspiration of The Stoic Fellowship is that one day all people, regardless of location, identity, or financial means, will have access to a living and vibrant Stoic community that contributes positively to a peaceful, healthy and sustainable world.