Stoic Service

"Have I done something useful to my fellows? Then I have already profited. May you keep this thought ever at hand and never cease from such action."

Marcus Aurelius

Did you know that helping others is at the heart of Stoicism? The Stoic Fellowship and many of our Stoas around the world routinely provide service and care to others.

Here are some Stoic Fellowship service activities that everyone can get involved in:

Participate in the 1000 Stoics Challenge in April

  • As part of The Stoic Fellowship’s Month of Service and Care in April, we challenge YOU to help us perform 1000 good deeds. If you’re a member of a local Stoa, you can collaborate on a service project with other members of your group. Or volunteer your time as an individual in your local community or online. Start planning today and together we'll celebrate 1000 good deeds in April. Contact us for more information.

The Stoics Care Conference

  • Stoicare, Modern Stoicism, and The Stoic Fellowship hosted the first Stoics Care online conference in 2022. Stoics from all over the world came together to learn about the theoretical basis for social and environmental care in Stoicism. We heard practical advice and explored Stoic practices to improve our lives and communities. We were inspired to care, volunteer, and engage in everyday life as social Stoics. You can view the full conference on Modern Stoicism’s YouTube channel.

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If you’d like to learn more about how Stoics care for others, here are some resources to get you started:

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