Wear Your Stoic Pride

Many Travelers • One Story

The Stoic Fellowship recently incorporated as a USA-based nonprofit organization in order to further our mission of building, fostering and connecting Stoic communities around the world.

Up to this point, The Stoic Fellowship has been 100% volunteer-driven and funded, but we recognize that our growth is quickly outpacing our capacity. The path to a truly global and flourishing Stoic community is stretched out before us, and it’s a path that can only be traveled together.

Our grand aspiration is that one day all people, regardless of location, identity, or financial means, will have access to a living and vibrant Stoic community that contributes positively to a peaceful, healthy and sustainable world.

In addition to special projects, funds will be used to offset annual website hosting expenses, set up a post office box, provide general support, and help with the start up fees incurred (e.g. Meet-up) by Stoics when founding their local groups. In these ways, The Stoic Fellowship will continue its important work to serve the common mission and one day, it is hoped, to help fund physical locations around the world for Stoics to gather and share.

Tax-deductible donations of $30+ will receive a free t-shirt!