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Community Activities

Communities as Unique as the Local Membership

Activities vary from Stoa to Stoa. Here is a list of things you might see during the year:

Meetings and Events
On average monthly. A time to discuss the philosophy and enjoy fellowship in Stoic related activities as diverse as discussions, nature walks, practice exercises, and others that conform to the nature of the local community.

In honor of Marcus Aurelius’ birthday, April is the Month of Service. Explore the many volunteer opportunities in your community and beyond in the service of others. Examples include food banks, park clean-ups, and shelters.

July is the Fellowship Month of Practice. Work together to learn new skills, expand abilities and form new habits. Game nights, explorations in nature, focused discussions and exercises are examples.

Stoicon is held every year in September or October. Stoicon-X is a local event and opportunity for local Stoics to get together, celebrate, and share the Stoic philosophy with the community at large.