Updates from Stoics Around the World

Each quarter, Stoic leaders from around the world share updates from their local Stoicism communities.

April 2023

Stoas who have members participating in the 1000 Stoics Challenge as of 4/2/23 are indicated by the Spartan helmet.

Adelaide Stoa

Hey! We're new and upcoming and aiming toward a local community of people, I personally write and post daily meditations Monday to Friday, make a wallpaper for one of the weekly quotes each Saturday and have a more explanation or drive related newsletter each Sunday. If you're curious or would like to share/view, have a gander here: https://adelaidestoa.ck.page/

Christchurch Stoics

We’ve been running a study program based around the Enchiridion and recommending those participating to work their way through Greg Sadler’s Epictetus’ Enchiridion – Ancient Philosophy & Peace of Mind course. We’ve had people from Australia, the UK, and other parts of New Zealand attending, which is great, as there are only a couple of active members here in Christchurch.

Copenhagen Stoa

Still going strong with a few (4-5) regular members for our monthly meetings. In may the topic is inspired by the Modern Stoic conference and will be about how we can harness the power of musical experience as a route towards practical wisdom and emotional regulation. Some of our members might be joining the Month of Service challenge, others might choose to do their own good deeds throughout the month.

Der Weg der Stoa

Regular weekly reading group. Topical WS (in April about the Stoa and the manosphere). April challenge „The month of service“

Fremont Stoa

Life is good - all is well, we begin in earnest our Intergalactic study program and many other activities scheduled in the coming months for 2023 including a Beach Clean-up in mid April in partnership with the Monterey Stoics.

Hannover Stoics

In April, we are going to reboot our monthly regulars´ table as an in-person-event. We will also try to continue hosting online meetings (e.g. seminars) as a way of personal exchange, and to work on special topics. Hopefully the upcoming Month of Service will lead to a continuous public engagement in local projects. As a starter we are joining an initiative for public gardening, and we will watch the upcoming movie Seneca starring John Malkovich. Currently, we are also planning the next Stoicon-X, which will take place at the end of October. This year, the focus will be on Stoic anthropology.

Kansas City Stoa

Our stalwart trio continues to discuss how Stoicism applies, how much, and in what ways to our personal and professional lives. We meet this month to talk Physical Exercise and Stoicism.

Los Angeles Stoics

The L.A. Stoics continue to meet regularly on a weekly and monthly basis online and in-person. We are an active community that strives to accommodate everyone regardless of their interest and level of experience. Check out our website for general information and to sign up for our email notifications: http://www.lastoics.com. Currently, we are facilitating reading groups for Seneca’s Letters, Robertson's How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, and Graver’s Stoicism and Emotion. Email the head facilitator, Justin ([email protected]), if you have questions.

Munich Stoics

The Munich Stoics keep meeting every 2 weeks in a cafè in central Munich, to discuss Stoicism in daily life, daily practice and sense of life. Meetings are organized via MeetUp platform - Join us at www.facebook.com/groups/munichstoics/ !

Nashville Stoics

The Nashville Stoics continue to meet twice a month, once for a general theory group and once for a book club at a local brewery. Currently we have wrapped up the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and are about to start the Discourses of Epictetus.

New England Stoics

The New England Stoics continue to have high turnout and have begun to expand our leadership team to compensate for the demand. We are still having our monthly meeting in Boston, as well as multiple zoom sessions including our practice class and our women's Cafe class. We are looking to have another practicum this season and the hopes of building our community and strengthening the group.

New York City Stoics

The New York City Stoics are continuing to explore alternatives to Stoicism. Coming up, we’ll be interviewing modern Epicurean Hiram Crespo, author of Tending The Epicurean Garden as well as some of his friends. We’ll also be exploring alternatives to Stoicism at Stoic Camp NY 2023 in August of this year, which is almost sold out. To join our online meetings or register for Stoic Camp NY 2023, visit: https://www.meetup.com/New-York-City-Stoics/

Orlando Stoics

Our group celebrates our 8th birthday in April, and we will soon pass 1000 discussions, lectures and events. Our group still meets 4X weekly, and we cover the popular items in Modern Stoicism, plus we make connections to other traditions like Buddhism and Taoism, and other great thinkers from Aristotle and Wittgenstein. Through the pandemic years, we added many international members. We are based in Florida, but have regular members from NYC, Washington state, and other countries as far away as Nepal. All meetings are free. See our next event: https://www.meetup.com/orlando-stoics/

Rheinland Stoiker

This year we’re holding meetings online and offline again. In April, we’re participating in the “Month of Service”. The topic of 2023 is “Understanding Virtue (better)”. We’ll dive into the Stoic virtues in order to get a better understanding of what they really are.

San Antonio Stoics

This past quarter we held discussions centered around emotions, adversity, and virtue. Our group continues to attract new members who bring valuable insights to our discussions. We are excited to participate in the April Month of Service.

Stoa Gallica

Our association aims to bring together French-speaking Stoics, and we are now present in France, Switzerland, but also in Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada. We organise face-to-face meetings in several cities, as well as a Stoicon-x in Paris every year since 2021. Next one in October! In addition, we regularly organise virtual Stoic meetings for our members. This spring, we launched our podcast, and we are working on a collective book based on the interventions of the first two Stoicon-x Paris.

Stoa Helvetica

Newly founded Stoa group of the German-speaking Swiss Stoics (the French-speaking Swiss Stoics already have a Stoa group -> Stoa Gallica). We are waiting for more members and then we will start more activities

Stoa Madrid

Hi Stoas! Here’s a summary of our activities at Stoa Madrid during this quarter:

  1. Monthly Zoom meetings of the Reading group: Handbook for a happy life by Pierre Hadot
  2. Monthly Zoom meetings of the Practice group. Book: The Little Book of Stoicism by Jonas Salzgeber
  3. Online Talk on Stoic Habits: Eat like a Stoic with Nutritionist Laia Colilles, author of the book Stop binge eating in 5 steps
  4. Online Talk on Stoic Habits: Journal like a Stoic with Brittany Polat, author of Journal like a Stoic
  5. Online Talk on Stoic Habits: Dynamic relaxation, techniques to improve attention with Dr. Julio Zarco, author of Guide on Dynamic Relaxation
  6. In-person St. Valentine’s talk: Stoicism and love in digital times with Sol Rengifo from Gud Company
  7. Podcast talk with Francesco Gimelli from Cairns Stoics on Materialism/Consumerism and Stoic Ethics
  8. Podcast talk with Simon Andersen from Copenhagen Stoa on the Discipline of Assent
  9. Philosophy hike in Madrid, Stoic meditation and astronomy talk “Stardust” with Miguel Ortueta from the group Rural Astronomy

If you want to be on the Stoa Madrid Podcast, send me an e-mail to: [email protected] I’d like to meet all Stoa around the world!

Stoics of Daytona Beach

This group is hibernating. No events planned at this time.

Tampa Stoics

We’ve expanded the number of discussions to 2X monthly. The location is the Panera cafe near USF. Edin is the host and the group is growing. Some of their members are going to the Stoic Summit on April 1st, 2023. Learn more here: https://www.meetup.com/tampa-stoics/

The Practicing Stoic

Greetings, friends ~ The Practicing Stoic, based in Maryland, is less than six months old but we’ve grown over 140 strong to date. Such interest in our little Stoa suggests that we are meeting a need, which is satisfying--a preferred indifferent! We continue our twice-monthly in-person gatherings where we’re practicing a close reading of Epictetus’s Encheiridion. We’ve just launched a virtual Stoa in which we’re going to read and discuss The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. The Marcus Aurelius group meets once a month on the last Thursday of the month and is, being virtual, available to all from any location. You can find us at The Practicing Stoic.

Trondheim Stoics

We have had one meeting so far this semester, and planning for a few more meetings before the summer. We are also doing an online digital meeting series on the four cardinal virtues, as part of the Norway Stoics.

Western Slope Stoa

Just getting set up, announcing our existence, and waiting for anyone interested to join 🙂