Updates from Stoics Around the World

Each quarter, Stoic leaders from around the world share updates from their local Stoicism communities.

July 2023

Christchurch Stoics

We’re continuing with our online meetings with a focus on Epictetus. The June and July meetings are based Stockdale on Stoicism, looking at the application of Stoicism in extreme situations, and how we can learn from this to apply the same wisdom in our everyday life.

Copenhagen Stoa

We’re continuing with our online meetings. Just before summer we had a very nice meeting where the topic was in the form of a series of questions regarding the mantra “live in accordance with nature”. We had a very lively discussion where everyone contributed. Going forward we will experiment with this format and frame the topic as a question. Next topic will be either “providence” og “Stoic utopia” when we meet again after the summer holidays.

Denver Stoics

We celebrate our 6 year anniversary this month and have crossed well over the 300 meetups mark. Which means both nothing, and everything. While Scot Sanders runs the online weekly Tuesday topical meetups, Scott Eichler runs the bi-weekly Saturday in-person Stoic deep dives. July's topical topics include patriotism and nationalism in 2023, imposter syndrome, failure, and a discussion about what issues any solution to abortion needs to address. August topics include teaching & policing: casualties of accountability, warmth & empathy: how to be a better human being, tyranny & supremacy in the workplace, a fun 'what if…' Q&A to suss out what is good to you, and the connotation and denotation of what is impossible. September topics are TBD. Despite the name, you don't have to be in Denver or a Stoic to join us. https://www.meetup.com/denver-stoics

Der Weg der Stoa

We are a mainly online-community with regular meetings. We have an online-reading group that meets once a week plus infrequent online WS on specific topics of interest. There is also a podcast under the same name that is trying to offer in depth discussions of stoic text passages as well as reflections on stoic topics, book reviews and discussions. Our working language is German.

Fremont Stoa

Wyndham 'Wyn' Robertson III, our very own Stoic artist, has recently created a website to share his creations with the world. Check it out at: www.wynrpaints.com

Hannover Stoics

Currently, there is a monthly regulars´ table, in which we´re reading and discussing essays by Seneca. On October 28th, we´ll be hosting our third Stoicon-X; our key speaker Prof. Stefan Dienstbeck will give a talk on Stoic anthropology. In a second part we´ll have a discussion, featuring different religious, and non-religious perspectives on the topic. Free tickets are available on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/639517904267 - donations are welcome. If you want to join us, go to: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/hannover-stoics/

Munich Stoics

The Munich Stoics keep meeting every 2 Saturdaysin a cafè in central Munich, to discuss Stoicism as a philosophy of life. Our Stoa is lively and active, with regular meetings since its foundation, in January 2022. Discussions are open and without a pre-ordered topic, and are about Stoicism as a way of life, daily practice, the role of free will, how to master emotions, the role of reason and its bound with the Logos of the Universe. Meetings are organized via MeetUp platform - Join us at www.facebook.com/groups/munichstoics/ !

Nashville Stoics

The Nashville Stoics meet-ups are going strong at East Nashville Beer Works. Outside of our larger group discussing theory, our small book club will be moving on to Seneca’s Letters in a couple of weeks. If you’re interested in checking out Stoicism and live in middle TN, come by and visit us. https://www.meetup.com/nashville-stoics/

New York City Stoics

The NYC Stoics are continuing exploring ancient alternatives to Stoicism in our online reading group. We just finished covering the hedonistic philosophies of Epicureanism and Cyrenaicism, and are moving on to skepticism for the rest of the year. We’re also enjoying the weather and meeting outdoors for the summer at various locations around the city for beginner-friendly open discussions related to Stoicism. If you want to join our online reading group are are in the greater NYC area and want to stop by, you can find out what we’re up to at: https://www.meetup.com/new-york-city-stoics/

Okanagan Stoics

The Okanagan Stoic are back to regular meetings in Polson Park. A beautiful setting for philosophical discussion.

Orlando Stoics

Our group is celebrating this month, as we are 8 years old. In the old days, we started with 1 meeting a week, which was Monday nights, then the group split (north and south Orlando) to have Monday and Friday night meetings. Then we created our combined Sunday meeting with Plato’s Cave in Orlando, which covers new topics in philosophy and psychology. StoicDan has recruited 2 PhDs in psychology in this group for dialogues/discussions. Then, earlier this year (2023), we added a combined meeting on Saturdays with Socrates Cafe in Tampa. So, we are now meeting 4 days a week (Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays). We have passed 1000 events and 2400 members. For more info: https://www.meetup.com/orlando-stoics/

PSYSK (Ukraine Stoa)

Last month was a very productive month for our community. We started weekly online meetings. We also meet in the Kiev every month. We have a group for meetings in the Dnipro city. And we started an online conversation club on Stoicism for those who want to speak English.

Rheinland Stoiker

The Rheinland Stoiker meet about every two weeks online in order to work on understanding the Stoic virtues. Our goal is to understand the virtues the way the Stoics (probably) and avoid thinking of the virtues in our own versions and interpretations. We also have some local offline meetups in no specific rhythm.

Stoics in Himalaya

Stoic Talk ( 13th July ): Participated by 10 Stoic members in Kathmandu valley . The session for an hour included talks on topics ( Mindfulness and Dichotomy of Control). This is going to be a monthly Talk event on the 1st Thursday of every month. https://www.facebook.com/groups/5619233931449009. Similarly Stoa Himalaya is conducting a bi-monthly Stoic Walk in nature followed by a short fellowship which will resume from September, after the monsoon season.

Stoics of Daytona Beach

The group has become inactive. StoicDan is looking for someone to start in-person meetings at a cafe on International Parkway.

Stoics of Washington, D.C.

Our DC Stoa group has been enjoying the exploration of Stoicism through engaging book discussions every month. Having relished the wisdom of authors like William Irvine, Seneca, and Marcus Aurelius—whose 'Meditations' we're wrapping up—we eagerly anticipate delving into the works of Epictetus next. These casual meetups, hosted in local eateries, serve as vibrant forums for spirited discussions and a deeper communal understanding of Stoicism.

Students of Stoicism

We are excited to launch our first meetup in July. While the group is new and will continue to evolve we have exciting plans to explore the ancient Stoic texts as a group and formulate our opinions together on their meaning and how we can apply it to life. The local Anthem group was created as a branch of the online Student’s of Stoicism facebook group - global interest has been surfacing for us to host our events online and is also being considered. We are happy to have joined the fellowship of Stoics.

Tampa Stoics

This group has 2 monthly meetings: 1 is a discussion (a cafe on the north side of town), and 1 is a walking meditation (on the Courtney Campbell Causeway, south side of town). The group is hosted by Edin. The group has passed 130 events and 770 members. https://www.meetup.com/tampa-stoics

The Global Agora

This is a dynamic group with long-time organizers Massimo Pigliucci and Greg Lopez. The group has monthly programs, both in-person and online meetings, plus some international workshops. Membership has passed 5900 Stoics! Also, starting in 2023, StoicDan was made assistant organizer to help Massimo with online meetings. For more info: https://www.meetup.com/global-agora/